We wish to support your envisioned residency in Japan

  • Foreigners who can’t find housing

    I can’t pass the screening
    just because I’m a foreigner...

  • Representative at companies that support foreigners

    We want to provide hospitable support
    at less burden for our company
    as much as possible...

  • Representatives considering accepting
    specified skill / technical interns

    We want to accept them,
    but can we secure
    enough housing at one time?

ENPORT estate Services

  • Many properties available
    for foreigners to move into

    Exclusive listings ofhousing available to foreigners

  • Complicated explanations
    available in multiple languages

    Multilingual call center

  • According to move-in date & no. of people
    Comprehensive support
    from housing suggestions to utility arrangements

    Richly experienced support

Housing referral flow

Inquiry by phone

Listening session of
desired conditions

Properties suggested
based on listening session

Property checked

Property decided

Contract signed
(can also arrange for furniture & appliances, utilities)

Move in

Over 100,000 properties available throughout Japan!!

New property information

  • 賃貸アパート

    新子安駅 徒歩4分

    3.9万円 1R 16m²

  • 賃貸マンション

    石神井公園駅 徒歩5分

    4万円 1R 11.8m²

  • 賃貸マンション

    金町駅 徒歩5分

    4.2万円 1K 16.5m²

  • 賃貸マンション

    西横浜駅 徒歩4分

    4万円 1R 16.4m²

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  • Q

    I don’t have a joint guarantor. Can I rent an apartment?

    That’s no problem. If you simply provide us with an emergency contact (abroad is OK), we will make the arrangements.
  • Q

    I am underage, but can I still apply?

    Being underage is no problem. *This may reduce the number of available properties.
  • Q

    I don’t have a mobile phone. Can I borrow one?

    Yes. We may contact you through the extension number at your workplace or school.
  • Q

    I can’t speak Japanese. Is that okay?

    That is no problem at all. We have staff who speak foreign languages (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian).
  • Q

    About how much initial cost is required?

    Initial cost is generally the equivalent of four months’ of rent. This includes a deposit, of which some may be refunded when moving out.
  • Q

    Is it difficult for foreign nationals to rent housing in Japan?

    There are still many cases in Japan of applicants being turned down because of their nationality. However, our partnering real estate agencies welcome foreign nationals, so we can refer many properties.
  • Q

    Are there any precautions about living in Japan?

    Common issues that arise are unauthorized roommates or trash separation. Please live with the number of people as specified in the contract. Also, trash separation rules differ by area, so check this before moving in and follow them carefully.